Friday, 11 January 2019

Vintage tag "Always and Forever" with foamiran flowers

Hi everyone!
Today I am coming to you with my first inspiration for Rosy Owl this year. 
This time I decided to make something vintage.

For the background I used beautiful papers from the Vintage Time collection by Craft & You Design. 
This beautiful frame is made of modelling clay.

To make the foamiran flowers and leaves I used my absolute favourite sets of Rosy Owl dies:

I finish my project by adding white paint, some gems, glitter, mini art stones and a Small Talk sticker.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you next time!
M. xxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Christmas with Rosy Owl (part 1)

Hi everyone!
A lot of time has passed since my last post and due to circumstances out of my control
I have not been able to design or even set a foot in my craft room.
Thankfully everything back to normal and to catch up for next 2 weeks 
I'll share with you a few of my ideas on how you can use Rosy Owl dies this Christmas.

Witajcie kochani!
Minęło sporo czasu od mojego ostatniego posta, ale niestety z powodów niezależnych ode mnie
 nie miałam możliwości projektować, czy nawet zajrzeć do mojego craft room'u. 
Dzieki Bogu wszystko już wróciło do normy i by nadrobić zaległe posty,
przez najbliższe 2 tygodnie podzielę się z Wami kilkoma pomysłamy jak wykorzystać 
wykrojniki Rosy Owl w te Święta. 

Today I will start with Christmas tags which I plan to use to decorate my parents presents.

Dziś zacznę od tagów, którymi mam zamiar udekorować prezenty dla rodziców.

They are a standard size I use every Christmas... 6cm x 12cm (Tim Holtz tags set). 
As a background I used one of Lemoncraft's Christmas papers.

Rozmiar tagów to 6cm x 12cm. Do ich wycięcia użyłam jednego z wykrojników Tim'a Holtz'a.
Jako tło wykorzystałam papier ze starszej kolekcji Lemoncraft.

I cut out my foamiran poinsettias using 2 sets of dies: Poinsettia and Flowers AC5
The red one I coloured with dry pastels. I added more dimension to my tags 
by using 2 more Rosy Owl sets: Winter Wreath and Winter Leaves
To make my tags more christmasy, 
I added some glitter here and there, diamond dust, art stones and sequins. 
To finish my project, I used the Merry Christmas Set

Do wycięcia foamiranowych poinsecji użyłam dwóch zestawów: Poinsecja i Flowers AC5.
Czerwona pokolorowalam suchymi pastelami. 
By dodać obiętości moim tagom, użyłam światecznych elementów z zestawow: Wianek zimowy i  Winter Leaves. 
By nadac tagom swiatecznego klimatu uzylam brokatu, diamond dust, najmniejszych art stones i cekinow.
Calosc wykonczylam napisami z z zestawu Wesołych, Radosnych, Magicznych Świat.

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you like my design and see you very soon.

Dziękuję kochani za poświęcony mi czas. 
Mam nadzieję, ze mój projekt się Wam podoba i do zobaczenia w weekend. 

Monika, xx

Friday, 2 November 2018

Everything about regular foamiran

Hi everyone! 
Lately I've published a picture of 4 different flowers made using one set of dies on social media. 
Since then I have received lots of lovely comments which I am very very grateful for. 
You have no idea how much they mean to me. 
I also received questions about foamiran flowers and foamiran itself, 
so I've decided to write this post, which I hope you will find useful.  

What is foamiran? 

Foamiran is a special kind of foam, manufactured in Iran, dedicated to flower making. 
It’s 0.6mm or 0.8mm thick and very easy to shape when warm. 
It can be coloured, amongst other things, with pastels or pigment inks, 
but if you don't have any of these don't worry, because foamiran is available in many many colours. 

How do I warm foamiran?

To warm your foamiran you will need an iron. 
It can be a regular iron which you will have in your house, 
however I would recommend buying a small travel iron. Not only is it easier to use… 
it's smaller and some of them can fold away, which is quite handy…  
 Most importantly, you wont risk ruining your clothes in case you forget to clean it afterwards. 
All the colouring and shading is done before shaping the flowers and sometimes ink 
or a piece of pastel can stain your iron. 
Its not a big deal if you have extra colouring on a petal, 
but I can be a massive problem if its your favour dress or work shirt!
You will need to use a lower heat - around number 2, or the "silk" setting.

Do I need metal dies to make foamiran flowers?

The straight forward answer is no! 
You don't have to have dies, because you can easily cut your petals and leaves with scissors. 
The internet is full of flower templates, which you can print & cut out 
and follow the shape with a cocktail stick. 
However, using dies makes your life much easier 
and making flowers can be done much quicker. 
You can cut out many pieces of different sizes in one go, 
especially after folding the foamiran a few times. 

What can I use as a centre for my flower?

For the centres of your flowers, you can use different kind of stamens 
as well as gems, plastic centres, glass beads, glitter… the possibilities are endless. 
All these are available in many craft, florist or sewing shops. 

How can I glue my petals together?

For that I usually use a hot glue gun. The glue dries fast and clear. 
Luckily I managed to find a gun which has an on and off button, doesn’t leak, and has a very fine tip. 
That can be very helpful, especially if you are trying to glue together very small elements. 
The flow of the glue can be controlled much better as well. 
Please be very careful while using your gun, because the glue is hot and can burn your fingers. 

For finer work, I use a nail glue with a brush. 
It is perfect for attaching not only the petals, but wires too. 
It dries in a couple of seconds, 
so it doesn't give you much time to rearrange but it’s cheap and lasts for a long time. 
However you have to be very careful to not spill it over the table or to glue your fingers together. 
If that happens acetone is very helpful, so make sure you have a little in your home.

Useful tools and accessories 

Cheap washing sponge as a flower shaping mat
Moulds - very useful if you would like to make real looking flowers. 
They give an impression of the structure of petals or leaves.

Wires - to pull stamens trough the hole or to arrange flower compositions. 
Lots of different wires are available on the market... 
from very thin to thick, from bare ones to paper covered ones. 
I use all of them depending of what kind of flowers or composition I am making. 

Cocktail sticks, bamboo skewers or craft awl tool - to make holes
Flower shaping tools
Wire cutter
Mini long nose pliers

Florist tape
Cheap kitchen foil or styrofoam balls/eggs - very useful for making rose buds and roses.

How to shape flowers?

First you have to warm the foamiran, then roll it between your fingers 
(by doing that you squeeze out the air and make the foamiran thinner) 
and then shape the petals by stretching them. 
Unfortunately rolling can cause lots of blisters on your fingers, 
especially in the beginning when you're just getting started 
and also some pain if you have problems with joints.
Due to that, many crafters thinks that they can't make flowers which isn't true at all. 

The flowers I made a week ago are created without rolling… 
so if you have any problems with your joints caused by injury or illness, 
or you simply would like to try something new… foamiran is perfect for you.    

I hope you find this post informative and useful. 
Please check back in a few days as I will be publishing a tutorial on 
"How to make 4 different types of flowers using one set of dies".

Thank you for your time and see you soon.
M. xxx

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

One die - four different flowers...

Hi everyone, 
today I would like to show you four different flowers which can be made by using only one set of dies. 
Don't be scared to experiment with your dies... mix sizes, use a different number of layers etc. 
To make my flowers I used one of my favourite sets from Rosy Owl - Apple Blossoms.
For the leaves I used Hydrangeas set. 
See you next time. M. xx

Witajcie kochani,
dziś chciałabym Wam pokazać 4 różne foamiranowe kwiatki, które można wykonać przy użyciu jednego zestawu wykrojników, 
w tym przypadku mojego ulubionego z Rosy Owl - Kwiat Jabłoni.
Nie bójcie sie eksperymentować ze swoimi wykrojnikami... mieszajcie rozmiary, ilość płatków itd.
Do wykonania liści użyłam zestawu Hortensje
Do zobaczenia następnym razem, M.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Today is all about you...

Hi everyone,
today I have a very simple birthday card for you.

Witajcie kochani,
dziś mam dla Was bardzo prosta kartkę urodzinowa. 

To make it, I used 2 of the newest Rosy Owl dies: Hydrangeas and Apple Blossoms
The first set was used to make the leaves and the second one I used to make the flowers.
I didn't add much embellishment to the card,
as I wanted to let the flowers composition stand out.

Do jej wykoniania użyłam 2 zestawów wykrojników z najnowszych kolekcji Rosy Owl: Hortensje i Kwiat jabłoni
Pierwszy zestaw wykorzystałam do zrobienia liści, a drugi - kwiatów.
Nie wykończyłam kartki zbyt wieloma dodatkami, ponieważ zależało mi, 
by kwiaty stanowiły esencję mojej pracy.

I hope you like my project. 
Thank you and see you in 2 weeks!
M. xxx

Mam nadzieję, że moja inspiracja sie Wam podoba. Pozdrawiam Was goraco i do zobaczenia za 2 tygodnie!
M. xxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Back to basics

Hi everyone,
Today I would like to share with you simple foamiran flowers  which can be created by anyone. 
The beauty of them is that they don’t need any rolling what so ever. 
I know that many people find the rolling part quite difficult.
To make my flowers I used one of the first Rosy Owl flower dies - AC1 set 
and coloured them with oil pastels. 
Et voila :) 

Witajcie kochani,
dziś przychodzę do Was z prościutkimi foamiranowymi kwiatkami, które może zrobić każdy. 
Ich urok polega na tym, że nie potrzebuja w zasadzie żadnego zwijania. 
Wiem niestety, że dla niektórych zwijanie może być dość kłopotliwe.
Do ich wykoniania użyłam jednych z pierwszych wykrojników Rosy Owl - AC1 
i pokolorowałam je pastelami olejnymi. 
I gotowe :)

I used / Użyłam:

Thank you for your time and see you next time.
Pozdrawiam Was ciepło i do zobaczenia następnym razem.

Monika, xxx

Monday, 10 September 2018

Christmas in September...

Hello everyone :) 
From now on, twice a month I will inspire you 
and show how many beautiful projects can be made using Rosy Owl dies.

Witajcie kochani :) 
Od dziś, dwa razy w miesiacu będę starała się Was zainspirować i pokazać 
jak wiele pięknych projektów może powstać przy użyciu wykrojników Rosy Owl.

I decided that my first post for you would be to create a Christmas gift box. 
One of my friends bought some stunning earrings for her mum, 
but she needed something special to put them in. 
Don’t get me wrong, jewellery gift boxes are nice, but often boring. 

W pierwszym poście postanowiłam ozdobić dla Was pudełeczko. 
Moja znajoma kupiła piękne kolczyki jako prezent bożonarodzeniowy dla swojej mamy. 
Potrzebowała tylko wyjatkowego opakowania. 
Pudełka sklepowe sa ładne, ale nudne.

As a base, I used a small plain kraft box which I decorated with cheesecloth. 
I cut out my poinsettia foamiran elements using Flowers AC5 
and coloured them with oil pastels. 
After shaping them, I put some glue on my stamens and covered them with glitter 
- lots of it and then glued my poinsettia elements together. 

Jako bazę użyłam małe pudełko w kolorze kraft i w pierwszej kolejności udekorowałam je gaza. 
Do wycięcia foamiranowych elementów poinsecji użylam nowych wykrojników w ofercie Rosy Owl 
Flowers AC5 i pokolorowałam je pastelami olejnymi. 
Po nadaniu kształtu płatkom i listkom, pręciki pokryłam klejem i duża ilościa brokatu, 
a następnie posklejałam wszystkie elementy.

To add more dimension to my project, I cut out more Christmas elements 
using the Winter Leaves set. To make my box more christmasy, 
I added some glitter here and there, art stones, white acrylic paint splashes 
and the most delicate and real looking snow dust I have ever seen. 

By dodać obiętości, użyłam światecznych elementów z zestawu Winter Leaves
a brokatu, najmniejszych art stones i najbardziej delikatnego pyłu śnieżnego jaki w życiu widziałam...
żeby moje pudełko wygladało jeszcze bardziej światecznie i "bogato" ;)  

To finish my project, I used the Merry Christmas Set
I decided my greeting words would be black to give a beautiful contrast to the rest of my project. 

Wisienka na torcie był napis Magicznych Świat z zestawu Wesołych, Radosnych, Magicznych Świat
Zdecydowałam się na kolor czarny, ponieważ ładnie kontrastuje z reszta projektu.

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you like my design and see you soon.

Dziękuję kochani za poświęcony mi czas. 
Mam nadzieję, ze mój projekt się Wam podoba i że zobaczymy się ponownie. 

Monika, xx